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For over 370 years the guests of this traditional inn have been treated to special delights. The first record of ‘Zur Linde’ is from 1642, in documents from the Krumlinden Parish. The building formerly served as the Parish Office and the public square, under the linden tree. Over the centuries, the Linde’s proprietors have renovated and expanded the building. Even today, the restored beams, some with inscriptions, and the walls (under monument protection) bear witness to this colourful history. In 1942, Max and Else Siede, hoteliers from Norderney, bought the property. In 1977, they bequeathed it to their granddaughter Birgit and her husband Ewald Brune, a family of architects from Bremen. That same year, the family expertly restored this cultural monument, always keeping in mind the centuries-old tradition of the building, and the historic atmosphere of the country inn.

The Brune family still runs the inn today, with a flair for hospitality and tradition and with the support of an excellent team.