The cuisine of the Linde is traditional – and yet always new and exciting. With its scrumptious trout dishes and first-class specialties of Baden, the kitchen of the Linde is one of the best inns in the region.

Visit us in the Old Lounge, the Hunter’s Lounge, or on the Summer Terrace by our rushing brook. Here, any small or large gathering becomes a unique experience. The Hearth Room, with its open log fire, is perfect for weddings, birthdays and events of up to 40 guests. On sunny days, the terrace by the brook offers a romantic afternoon or evening outdoors.

Our Trout Specialties

“One day as I was walking, beside a clear sunny stream, I spied a trout so dashing, an arrow he did seem.” – Franz Schubert
Our ‘Linden trout’ arrive at the Linde live, from a fish hatchery in our valley, which allows the trout enough time to reach the necessary weight. Right up until the moment we prepare them, we keep our ‘Linden trout’ in a pond through which the clear Neumagen brook flows.

A Selection from our Trout Menu
  • Whole trout, smoked in beechwood

  • Rosemary trout from the oven with leeks, tomatoes, olive oil and potatoes – our favourite trout!

  • ‘Linden trout’ – roasted in a casserole dish, stuffed with mushrooms, fresh herbs, and served with buttered potatoes.

  • Fillet of trout in a potato crust with rosemary, olive oil and spinach – our most convenient trout – it’s already filleted!

  • Fillet of trout in zesty yoghurt-mustard sauce with parsley potatoes – a lighter option!